10/12/2013 22:03

I have resorted some photos into folders and added a few more from aorund the UK and Europe... Enjoy!

29/07/2013 19:22

On Saturday i got talking to a guy in my old home town of Newport and he sells all sorts of bits and bobs, including photography, artwork etc... I had a couple of prints of New York and the bench picture which is on the homepage logo of my site and he is going to try and sell them for me which is great news! I really hope they sell as that would be great for my morale knowing that people are willing to hand over hard earned cash for my prints... lets see how it goes!

21/07/2013 14:23

Right, first blog, first website, it is all very new to me as well as being fairly excited about having somewhere to show my work, even if i am the only one to see it! although i hope that is not the case! lets crack on and get some images added!!!